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Safe Warranty Cards

Most safes come with a safe warranty card when they are new. Whether you buy your safe from Hoogerhyde or someone else, make it a point to fill out the warranty card and mail it in. Having the card on file with the manufacturer will increase the chance that you will get help if you should have a problem. Read the warranty too, so you know what is supposed to be covered and for how long.

Choose a Safe Manufacturer that Stands Behind their Products

Some companies, like Sentry Safe, Gardall Safe, American Security and Fort Knox are very good at helping a consumer with a problem. Several others, however, are terrible. Buy your safe from Hoogerhyde and if you have a warranty issue, you can expect a good result. We work with great manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Stamp Collector’s Safe

Stamps are easily damaged, in more ways than you might think. Of course they can be torn, burned, soiled, etc., all of which reduce their value. Same for historic signatures, photos, sports memorabilia and other collectables. Naturally, a valuable collection should be secured in a safe, but most stamp collectors use the wrong type of safe.

To protect contents from heat and fire, 98% of safes use moisture which is locked up in the safe’s insulation. When heated by fire the insulation cools by forcing moisture out, to the interior of the safe. Air inside the safe will be saturated and hot (up to 350 degrees). That level of moisture will affect the stamps’ adhesive and may also affect the delicate colors and paper.

Used Media Safe In Stock Typical Two Door Construction

To avoid the possibility of being damaged this way in a fire, the best stamp collector’s safe is technically a media safe. Media safes generally keep humidity below 85% during a fire, and maintain a temperature of only 125 to 150 degrees.

Note: Media safes tend to be expensive, but we usually have used ones in stock.

Liberty Gun Safe VS. Fort Knox Safe

We work hard to educate customers about how gun safes are really built, so they can make knowledgeable purchase decisions. You can always view competitors’ catalogs at our store for comparison, but catalogs are not very detailed, and are sometimes misleading. To be truly factual we purchased a Liberty Franklin gun safe and removed the door panel. Now you can see what they will not show you in the box stores.

Come to Hoogerhyde Safe to see a side by side comparison between the Liberty Franklin and a Fort Knox Maverick. See how much more security you get with the Fort Knox Maverick for less money! Our regular price is less than Gander Mtn’s regular price (at time of posting, Grand Rapids area stores). And the Fort Knox comes with a better warranty, outside hinges, a better interior, etc.

Note: Liberty, Franklin and Gander Mtn. are trademarks of their respective companies.

No Gun Safe Shortage at Hoogerhyde

National debt levels and problems with our government in Washington have increased fear that our economy may collapse in the future. This made many people start buying silver and gold, and they want solid protection for their metals. Then the tragic Sandy Hook shooting caused talk about gun control, which fueled a tremendous spike in gun sales. These two factors have caused safe sales to skyrocket!

Gun safes, especially quality-built American Made safes, have become scarce. I have spoken to gun safe dealers who simply have no inventory. Hoogerhyde Safe, however, has a huge inventory of about 80 gun safes, and more on the way. From 60” X 24” to 72” X 51”, all MADE IN AMERICA by Fort Knox, American Security and Heritage. Nationwide there is a gun safe shortage, but not at Hoogerhyde!! Buying directly from the factories in large quantities gives us buying power that many dealers just dream of.

P.S. We also have all three models of the best hand gun safes on the market, the hard-to-find Fort Knox Pistol Safes. Fast, quiet, strong.  Most hand gun boxes are quick to use but VERY easy to break into. With thick steel and strong latches, Fort Knox Pistol safes will actually keep out thieves! Real security – what a concept.

Antique Pedestal Safes

You can currently see two antique pedestal safes, circa 1870, by Marvin Safe Company in our shop.  The smaller has been completely restored and the larger is all original.  These are sometimes called Brothel or Boudoir Safes because they were frequently used in bordellos.  Pedestal safes were very expensive when new (they still are as antiques), and made in small numbers by about four companies.  Many were certainly tipped over and broken, making them very rare now.  These two are in my personal collection but I am willing to sell the smaller unit for $7500.  If you are looking for a truly special piece for you home, splurge on a rare antique safe.


People agree that hand guns should be secured when not in use.  So why do “hand gun safes” generally offer very little security?  Most weigh less than five pounds because the steel is almost paper-thin. Latches aren’t much better on most models and a good screw driver will pop open most of these “safes”.

You can view eight different models of hand gun boxes at our store, but we promote the three models of Fort Knox Pistol Safes. They offer REAL SECURITY because they are constructed of heavy steel from 10 gauge all the way up to ¼ inch. They weigh from 13pounds for the small Auto Safe up to 22 pounds for the Original Pistol Box. Fort Knox units feature secure latching systems with Kaba Simplex mechanical locks – no batteries, no beeping noise, FAST access. All models can be bolted down.

Spend a little more, get the best. Fort Knox Pistol Safes. OUTSTANDING CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!

Difficult Safe Delivery

Have you ever thought about buying a large high security safe but changed your mind because you assumed there was no way to get it installed?  Or have you ever “settled” and bought a lesser safe than you wanted for the same reason?  Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock can sometimes accomplish safe deliveries that people thought were impossible.

The photos show how we delivered a 3025# Graffunder gun safewhere there was no way to get from the front of the home to the walk-out basement in back. We have special machines and equipment for moving gun safes, and sometimes we need to work with outside contractors. When you buy a safe from Hoogerhyde our delivery cost is usually very reasonable. A “high degree of difficulty” comes with a higher price, of course.

EMP and Redundant Safe Locks

Electronic safe locks are definitely faster and easier to use than traditional dial type locks, but some people do not trust their reliability.  Lock failure due to EMP – electromagnetic pulse – is a concern of some people as well.  EMP’s are typically associated with nuclear explosions and specific types of military weapons with the capability of destroying all kinds of electronic systems.  See Wikipedia for information on EMP.

Fort Knox Gun Safe with Redundant Lock System

LaGardbrand redundant safe lock systems are the best solution for these concerns. With the redundant lock arrangement your gun safe will have both an electronic keypad AND a mechanical dial controlling a single lock unit. If the electronic part fails due to EMP, or for any other reason, the dial will still open your safe. You will ALWAYS be able to open your safe! This system has been used in banks for several years, but it is now available on Fort Knox gunsafes. I don’t believe any other gun safe manufacturer offers it, and this “peace of mind” upgrade only costs about $400. It also gives your gun safe a unique appearance that will impress your friends.

Pepper Spray Part Two

Most of the spray we sell is Maximum Strength Red Pepper formula (10% OC measuring 1.33% MC).  This also includes invisible U V dye to help identify attackers.  Some of the “Jogger” units we sell contain Sabre Red USA, the strongest formula that is legal to sell in all 50 states (10% OC measuring 0.67% MC).

A variety of convenient and inconspicuous containers – units with quick release key rings, pocket clips, hand straps, etc. – allow you to find personal protection that suits your needs. We recommend testing your unit so you know how to use it in an emergency. Know whether it shoots 10 feet, 15 feet, etc., and whether it shoots a cone pattern or a heavy stream. Pepper spray makes a terrific gift for mothers, women runners or college students, but don’t wait until Christmas! Being prepared for an attack might prevent an attacker from harming you!

Pepper Spray: Excellent Self Protection

If you or a family member walks, runs or bikes outdoors, take the bus, walk’s to work, or travel through bad neighborhoods it’s a good idea to carry personal protection in the form of pepper spray for self-defense. Keeping one by the back door is good, too. Pepper spray works on dogs as well as on people. We sell the Sabre brand pepper spray in our store.

There are many options with these products which can be confusing, and state laws change periodically. For instance, Michigan is among the states that ban the use of tear gas in pepper spray. Michigan recently restricted the amount of pepper spray that a person can carry to 1.25 ounces, so it limits the buyer to very small canisters which can spray about 30 one-second bursts. Larger units and stronger formulations are available to the military and law enforcement. Pepper spray formulas are rated by “OC” and “MC”. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is the percentage of formula that is pepper. MC (Major Capsaicinois) measures the strength of that pepper’s heat bearing and pain causing properties. Red pepper causes inflammation to the eyes and mucus membranes, which makes it impossible to keep the eyes open and causes shortness of breath. Shelf life is about four years and canisters are marked with expiration dates.