tomphoto2Tom Ziemer has been a West Michigan resident his entire life, with the exception of four years which he spent in the Minneapolis area. He received BBA and MBA degrees from Western Michigan University before starting a career in sales and marketing. But Tom was easily bored in the “corporate world” and felt the need to change jobs often: Pushing paper, writing reports that didn’t get read, sometimes working for bosses that did not deserve respect, selling products that he didn’t believe in — it just was not for him. A change was needed.

In 1999 he purchased Hoogerhyde Safe & Lock, a family owned business dating back to 1926. The company name was not changed because decades of trust and reputation were built into the name Hoogerhyde. It was there that Tom Ziemer found his place. “There is meaning in selling safes, locks and other security products that actually protect people and their belongings. The products we sell offer real value. I never get tired of hearing from customers that they sleep better after working with Hoogerhyde, or that the safe they purchased from us saved their valuable possessions when they experienced a fire or robbery. What could be better than that?” according to Ziemer.

Hoogerhyde Safe is run the way Tom wishes other businesses were run: “We provide honest information, real customer service, excellent value and American made products wherever possible. Being one of the largest safe companies in the country we buy directly from those manufacturers that provide the most security for the money. You will not find cheaply built gun safes here. We are not the cheapest – that’s what box stores are for. But we are the best. I have not been at Hoogerhyde for its entire 87 years, but as long as I am here the business will continue to be run according to the highest standards.”

In addition to running the business, Tom Ziemer is a welcomed speaker at sporting clubs and builder’s organizations. Topics include “What to look for when buying a gun safe,” “Building vault doors into new homes,” and more. Contact Tom directly if you are interested in scheduling him to speak for your organization.