Pepper Spray: Excellent Self Protection

If you or a family member walks, runs or bikes outdoors, take the bus, walk’s to work, or travel through bad neighborhoods it’s a good idea to carry personal protection in the form of pepper spray for self-defense. Keeping one by the back door is good, too. Pepper spray works on dogs as well as on people. We sell the Sabre brand pepper spray in our store.

There are many options with these products which can be confusing, and state laws change periodically. For instance, Michigan is among the states that ban the use of tear gas in pepper spray. Michigan recently restricted the amount of pepper spray that a person can carry to 1.25 ounces, so it limits the buyer to very small canisters which can spray about 30 one-second bursts. Larger units and stronger formulations are available to the military and law enforcement. Pepper spray formulas are rated by “OC” and “MC”. OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is the percentage of formula that is pepper. MC (Major Capsaicinois) measures the strength of that pepper’s heat bearing and pain causing properties. Red pepper causes inflammation to the eyes and mucus membranes, which makes it impossible to keep the eyes open and causes shortness of breath. Shelf life is about four years and canisters are marked with expiration dates.