Home Security: Discretion is important

The best way to make sure that no one breaks into your safe, is to not let everyone know that you have one.  Don’t show it to all your friends, and don’t tell everyone when you buy one.  Also, if your gun safe  is delivered by a truck or trailer that is covered with advertising for gun safes, then all your neighbors will know that you bought one.  They’ll know that you have stuff in your house worth stealing.  And if an unscrupulous neighbor is aware that you spend the first week of the deer season hunting in the U.P., or that you spend the first week of January in the Bahamas, he knows he has a full week to work on opening your safe.  These incidents do happen!  Your home security may be jeopardized if you do not practice discretion.

As much as I would like to have free advertising on our vans as we travel all around Michigan, our vans are plain white and unmarked.  We owe it to our customers to be discrete, to protect their home security.  Businesses that sell safes should protect their customers’ confidentiality.  Before you buy a gun safe, ask how it will be delivered.