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Gun safe floors: The weak link in fires

Did you ever notice that the floors on roughly 80% of all gun safes are two inches below the threshold of the door?   No one seems to question why that is, but the reason is that there is very little insulation in the floors of those safes.  When gun safes are fire tested (if they are tested at all) the safe sits on a concrete floor and no heat comes through the bottom.

Gun Safe with very little insulation in the floor Fort Knox gun safe with fully insulated floor

But what happens if the safe is located on the second floor of your home, or on the main floor above a basement, and there is a fire below it?  It seems to me that the safe will get hot from underneath and, therefore, will fail quickly.  Our customers appreciate it when we point this out.   If you are going to put a gun safe on the second floor of your home or above a basement and fire is one of your concerns in protecting your guns, I suggest you buy a Fort Knox or an American Security BF safe.  Both brands  have floors that are properly insulated and offer fire resistance.  When looking to buy a gun safe, be sure to consider whether you need one that is well insulated in the floor.